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Varsity Stripe Tights

Art.nr: 110874

300,- 599,-

Cool Better Bodies tights with a feminine shape. Varsity Stripe Tights are sublimation printed and have a long-lasting durability.

Varsity Stripe Tights are a unique and highly anticipated addition to Better Bodies tights collection. They are made out of a tight polyester and elastane blend with a physique enhancing fit. They have a mid-waist and 7/8 legs.

One of the things that makes Varsity Stripe Tights stand out is that they are sublimation printed, which means that the print lies inside the cloth fibers and not on top of them. This makes them more durable as well as more comfortable, as you can’t feel the print when wearing the tights.

·         Sublimation printed – for a better durability and comfortability!

·         Mid-waist

·         7/8 length

·         Physique enhancing fit

Additional information

Material: 85% polyester and 15% elastane
Fit: Slim fit
Waist: XS=29,5 cm, S=32,5 cm, M=35,5 cm, L=38,5 cm
Inseam: XS=59 cm, S=61 cm, M=63 cm, L=65 cm


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