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GASP Duffel Bag

Art.nr: 230783


Material: 100% nylon  

GASP Duffle Bag is a must-have for dedicated GASP athletes. It’s a durable training bag with an uncompromising design.

GASP Duffle Bag is a real bomber of a bag, designed with one simple purpose: To make it easier for you to live an uncompromising lifestyle!

It’s a PVC free bag made out of a TPU top coated fabric. It has a durable design that’s been adjusted to handle all aspects of your daily life. The inside has been equipped with three zip pockets for safe-keeping of your valuables as well as a readily accessible key holder. The bag can be used as a comfortable bag pack as well as a sturdy shoulder bag.

·         PVC free

·         TPU top coated fabric

·         Hardwearing backpack and shoulder bag

·         3 inside mesh pockets with zippers

·         1 key holder


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